A passionate group with members from all over the world dedicated to producing high-fidelity, accessible, and performant addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Aircraft LineUp

Plane 1

Embraer E170

The smaller plane from the family!


Embraer E175

It is a bit longer than the E170 and has a more modern winglet.


Embraer E190

It has a longer fuselage, new gear, and a more powerful engine!


Embraer E195

The big brother of the family!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Question 1

What type of airplanes will you be making?

We like to focus on Embraer. Check out Discord for more information on our current projects.

Question 2

Why Embraer? Why Ejet?

We have not seen a very good Embraer for any flight simulator to date. We'd like to change that. A good bit of our developers are from Brazil and it would mean the world to them if we could make a great Ejet. The Ejet type rating is flexible between the E170-195 which allows us to re-use multiple assets and the cockpit code all together between variants.

Question 3

What type of realism can we expect?

Although we don't like to call sim aircraft "study level", we aim to bring as much as we can into the simulator. The goal for a first launch at the minimum is usability of the stock asobo aircraft or greater moving forward.

Question 4

Are you open sourced?

The core projects at Ouroboros Jets are open sourced internally, and will be public open source projects on "release". We are creating the base aircraft similar to the simulator for the community to openly contribute and improve if they wish to do so.

Question 5

Where are the release dates?

There are NO release dates for open source projects. When they are ready to be flown in game we will be sure to make an announcement.

Question 6

Will you be making an E2 or ERJ?

It's definitely not off the table, so check our Discord periodically.

Question 7

What liveries will be included?

Our livery team will create as many liveries as they can. If you would like to request one you are free to do so by opening a ticket in # | Create-a-ticket at our Discord server.

Your question is not here?

Join our Discord server where you can find more info about the projects!

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